September 7, 2017 |

Want to borrow quickly without having to justify the reason for your credit? You are in the right place ! Ferratum Bank is an innovative bank that meets the expectations of Internet users in search of speed and simplicity. Present for more than 10 years around the world, Ferratum Bank rapid credit solutions to get your target cash now without any justification.

What are the fast credit offers from Ferratum Bank?
As a new customer, you can subscribe to 2 types of quick microcredit without proof, ie without having to give the reason for your credit. You can choose to use this money to settle an invoice, make a repair in your home, for an urgent need for cash or just to please yourself! If you need money fast, the Ferratum CHRONO credit is advised, it allows you to borrow up to 199 euros and receive your money under 24H with the express option. You will refund your credit 15 days after receipt of the amount in your account.

If you are more flexible, you can subscribe to the Ferratum INSPIRE Revolving Credit. As a new customer, you can borrow from 200 to 1,500 euros over a repayment period between 7 and 30 days. 2 options are available: the flash option to receive your money within 7 days instead of 15 days and the second to repay in 2 times within 60 days. Ferratum Bank wants to create a trusting relationship with its customers, so when you apply for a credit without proof, we take into account your repayment capacity but also your history as a customer. Once your repayments are executed correctly, you increase the amount of your credit as you go along and get a maximum of 1,500 euros from your bank account.

How do I buy a credit without a receipt?
To subscribe to an easy and fast credit and get your target cash now, you just have to apply online on our site, you choose the credit you want and then you follow the steps. As a first step, you must fill in your personal and financial information. Then, Ferratum Bank asks you to upload a piece of identification, the last 2 statements from your current account showing the source of your income and an invoice in your name. This allows us to validate your ability to repay. Then you sign electronically your debit warrant to be deducted automatically. Finally you validate your credit offer without proof and receive the contract and information on your loan by email and sms.

What are the benefits of being a Ferratum customer?
There are many benefits to being Ferratum customer. The first advantage is that you can subscribe quickly and easily to a new credit. You will no longer need to download your documents on our site. Simply choose the amount, the repayment period and your options by logging in to your Ferratum space. On the other hand, being a Ferratum customer means choosing flexibility, speed and listening. Indeed, our team is available by phone at 0 805 321 034, by email at [email protected] but also on our online chat. So if you need information on the status of your application or on the repayment of your credit, our team remains at your disposal and will be very happy to be able to help you! Last but not least, being a Ferratum customer means allowing you to face the small hazards of life in peace! Have you changed your mind and need your money faster? No problem, you sign in to your Ferratum account and choose to subscribe to an express option!

Many customers in France and around the world have chosen Ferratum for their financing application, so why not you?

For a loan of 199 € over 15 days with the adjustable TAEG of 19,50% (adjustable debtor rate of 19,50%), you repay a total of 200,59 € in a single maturity. Example: For ordinary use in the amount of € 500 over 30 days with a 19.50% adjustable APR (adjustable debit rate of 19.50%), you pay a total of € 508.01 in a single maturity of which 8 , € 1 interest.