December 5, 2017 |

Every day is payday

This slogan is used by payday. On green valley cash you can sell your wages and you decide for yourself how many days and what amount. It is another way to get money than to take out a miniature loan. With payday you do not close a mini loan but you receive money immediately (after approval of payday) and you pay this back with the part of your wages that you keep aside. This way of getting money has some advantages. It is not a mini-loan, with mini-loan providers you can only choose between 2 or 4 weeks. When you need 3 weeks of money you always pay 1 week too much interest. This is no longer the case with payday. The first steps you go through on the website for the application for the sale of income are determining the amount and the duration. A maximum period of 1 month and an amount of 300 to 750 euros can be chosen. The first time you can receive a maximum of 300 euros.

Decide for yourself how much money you want to borrow and the number of days you need the money.

Payday works 24 hours a day

It never happens, of course, that the money must always be borrowed between 9 and 17 o’clock. When you eat out or go out, it is soon after five o’clock. The people in the office are home and a mini-loan is no longer paid within 10 minutes. On payment day, all applications will be deposited into your account within 20 minutes after approval. The system of payday can determine 24 hours a day whether the loan you request is accounted for according to payday. This inspection is completed within a few minutes. After that, the money can be transferred immediately upon approval. Also when requesting outside office hours.

With payday you sell a part of your income

It sounds very strange but it really comes down to it than you buy money and then this amount with interest paid back. Payday simply refers to selling your wages. Normally it would be that you borrow 100 euros and have to pay back 105 euros after 14 days. With payday, this is described as: “Payday you immediately deposit 100 euros. To pay off this, you sell 105 euros of your wages which you pay back to payday in 14 days. ”

You do not have to have a job to receive money from payday. You must have an income that you can sell. This means that a demonstrable income is sufficient. This income can be anything. Think of a legacy what you get next month, wages, rental income, pension, a windfall that comes later than planned etc .. Are you not sure if you meet these requirements? You can always make a request at payday. You will then be told whether you meet the requirements to receive money.